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Here are today’s “Can’t Beat Sarah” questions and answers:

-Her former boyfriends include Liam Neeson, Kiefer Sutherland, Ethan Hawke, Daniel Day-Lewis, Lyle Lovett, Matthew Perry
& Jason Patric. Name this actress – Julia Roberts
-What creatures are called “children of the night” in the Bram Stoker classic “Dracula” – Wolves
-In which U.S. city did the Washington Nationals clinch this year’s World Series – Houston, Texas
-He was the mastermind behind the Tate-LaBianca murders. Name him – Charles Manson
-Name either of the pro basketball teams that call Los Angeles home – Lakers or Clippers

-From which planet did Superman originate – Krypton
-This actor portrays Mr. Rogers in the new movie “A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood.” Name him – Tom Hanks
-The Bull & Finch Pub is associated with this tv show. Name it – Cheers (now known as Cheers Beacon Hill)
-Stephen Strasburg was recently in the news. Why – The 2019 World Series Most Valuable Player
-Jacob Schick invented something useful. What – The electric razor