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Dustin Lynch has a new album coming out in early 2020 and oh yeah, a serious girlfriend named Kelli that he will be spending the holidays with.

Dustin told us of his first impression of his now steady girlfriend Kelli Seymour, “I remember seeing her and going. ‘Who are you?’ literally out loud. Just one of those like knocked me off my feet. Beautiful smile. Instantly wanted to know more about her. And I ended up messaging her because I have no game. I have no experience being out in public approaching people. I’ve been stuck on stage behind a guitar since I was in college, you know?”

So Lynch messaged her in Instagram and after a while, she followed him and responded. He said, “She was following what I was doing and liked my vlogs and everything, she realized that we had a lot of the same values, you know, bustling small towns, southern towns. And she was like, ‘Well, maybe this guy’s not a douche.’ We started texting back and forth and face time and all that good stuff because I was on tour and it was just hard for me to make it out to see her. She lives in the L.A. area and I wanted to meet her for the first time in person. So I invited her to a show. We hung after the show, went out with the band guys and hit a couple bars and had some fun and then just stay connected, you know, and it was one of those things.”

Dustin adds that she’s different, “It just felt never my life have I met someone where it was this effortless and easy. It’s just been fun. And my job and her job allows us to be together more than we should be because she lives all the way across the country. Of course, I’m based here in Nashville but our jobs allow us to travel and see each other, not miss each other for too too long. She’s going to actually come and spend Thanksgiving with my family, which is great. And then I’m going to do something I haven’t got to do in a long time, and that’s have a road trip to to see her family for Christmas.”