Country News

Luke Combs has had a meteoric rise to fame; just a few years after learning to play guitar, he’s one of the hottest stars in country music.

As Luke told us, it’s like a dream, “Man, it doesn’t seem real to me I think a lot of the time. I just had six weeks off, the first time off I’ve had since I signed my deal really. And I would love to say that I sat around and looked at all the things in my house and told everybody about how great it was, but I really just found that I wanted to move forward in the best way possible.”

He added, “I’m just super, super thankful for everything that’s happened so far, and I’m definitely not asking questions as to why it happened or trying to remake any of that magic, whatever that may have been. I spent six weeks spending time with my fiancé, with my friends from high school. I spent two weeks writing songs, I probably wrote 20 songs in the last month, so that was a really fun experience to really sit down and do that.”