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Thomas Rhett often shares photos of his family on social media and lets people in on what happens in his daily life on and off stage. But he doesn’t want to over-share.

He told us, “Honestly we’ve been asked a bunch of times to do a reality show, but I just don’t think that’s something me and Lauren … I mean we give enough of ourselves, I think, on social media and we pretty much open our home and our marriage to our fans in a way, where it’s like you see that the good, bad, the ugly. And I think a reality show might be too much.”

As far as acting, looking ahead to 2020, Thomas says, “This year will be the first time that I’m gonna try to start delving into a little bit more gettin’ behind the camera. And I don’t think I want to be like an ‘actor’ actor, but I think it would be pretty fun to be in a few scenes in a big movie or something like that.”