Country News

When Jason Aldean won the ACM’s Artist of the Decade Award earlier this year from the Academy of Country Music, he was honored and humbled.

However, getting the honor did make him feel a bit old. Jason told us, “That was a weird thing about one about the Artist of the Decade, it almost felt like that was kind of like a retirement award or something. I don’t really feel like I’ve been around that long. I’ve been here for 14 or 15 years but, you know, I’m 42 years old and I feel like I’m still pretty young and got a long way to go.”

He added, “I definitely don’t see retiring probably ever. I mean, this is just kind of what I feel like at this point. It’s kind of a lifer gig. At this point, I may not be doing on the level I’m doing it on now, but I’ll always be able to go and play as long as people want to show up.”

Aldean concludes, “I’ll never see that time where I’m just retiring or not touring or anything like that. I still enjoy it too much to just not do it at all.”