Country News

Miranda Lambert’s “Wild Card” tour kicks off next month, and she has recruited a handful of Texas acts to open her shows this time around.

She says, “The next tour is all guys. Gotta keep it interesting. I am taking fellow Texan, Cody Johnson. He is just country, and I love country music, like stone-cold country. And then on select dates, we have two other Texans, Randy Rodgers and Parker McCollum. I guess I was feeling a little bit nostalgic, and I might attribute that to one thing which is the song, ‘Tequila Does’ because it’s kind of got me reminiscing about where I started. When I sing it every night, it puts me right back on the stage at Green Hall. I love that emotion, so I think I got a little nostalgic so I’ve got all these Texans on the road with me.”

Lambert added, “And then LANCO: I saw them at a festival in Canada last summer. I watched their show, it was in the afternoon and it was just so energetic. And the crowd is so excited, and they are cool and young, and have these hip vibes. I love that and I want to be inspired every night. I watch every one of my openers almost every night, and I want to have to go out there and bring my A-game.”

The “Wild Card” tour kicks off on January 16 in Tupelo, Mississippi.