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Kacey Musgraves’ 2019 kicked off with several Grammy wins including Album of the Year for her Golden Hour album.

Just last month, her success continued to flourish with the Female Vocalist win at the CMA Awards. With 2019 almost behind her, Musgraves is on to new things including her Amazon Christmas TV special which can be seen on the streaming service this holiday season.

As Kacey told us, each project is a life journey, “As an artist, you find something that speaks to you. You create everything around it. You live inside of it for a long time. You create a tour from it. All of your inspiration comes from this tiny seed of an idea and everything spins off of that. And it generates so much excitement and so much stimulation and so much happiness and so much fun. It’s also a lot of hard work.”

She adds that it’s not always easy to see that project complete, “When everything slows down and that goes away, it’s a little bit sad to put the chapter away and to know that you’re gonna move on to a different one. I think people experience a little bit of like post-creation depression. But you can always sing those songs. The chapter isn’t dying. You know, you’re gonna move on to other things that inspire you just as much. You just have to give yourself the grace and the time to find out what it is again.”