Country News

Maren Morris is in Hawaii this weekend playing at a songwriting festival but she’s starting to think about writing for her nexxt album.

Maren told us last month, “I’ve been touring the record (Girl) all year and I hate writing on the road. I just am not one of those who can do it.”

She adds that this time around, her unborn baby and motherhood might find its way into her songs, “I would assume that when I go into the writing room, the next time I’ll be writing what’s on my heart. And. Yeah. Who knows? This little guy might be a big source of inspiration. I will say that I was writing with the Love Junkies (songwriting team Liz Rose, Lori McKenna, and Hillary Lindsey) and they were the first people I told after I told Ryan (about the baby) and they were just so excited. They’re all mothers.”