Country News

When a young Keith Urban had dreams of becoming a country star, he had no idea it would ever be this big.

Keith told us recently, “I didn’t have specifics on anything. I just wanted to move to Nashville. Make records and get on the radio and tour around. And hopefully people would know the songs. That was it.”

He added he really had no plan, “There was nothing like what sort of places I would play or how long I would get to do it for. None of that came into it, and certainly not how long it would take to achieve any of that. I didn’t. I never did any of that timeline. The five year plan or any of that stuff. I just kept suiting up and showing up. So far, so good.”

Urban is always working on new music for his next project and he’s never sure where the project will go. He says, “Every time we go into a new album cycle it’s kind of like getting into like a really cool car with your older brother and never quite sure where you’re gonna go. But, you know, it’s gonna be fun and you’re probably going to learn something.”

He says it really happens the moment he steps into the studio, “I get in there and want to do a certain thing, but something else can start to happen. And there that just feels like that’s where it wants to go and I’ll go there. I don’t fight that flow.”

Keith’s newest release is a Christmas song called “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight.”