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Garth Brooks has got some pretty big ideas for his shows in 2020, but he’s being a bit elusive about it.

Garth teased, “There is something that’s coming that – Ooooh! – if we can pull it off…we’re going to have something we’ve never, ever had. I’m not sure anybody’s ever had it – pop, rock, whatever. Don’t hold me to this, ‘cause we always say things to each other in hopes and plans because we share everything. There’s an opportunity to see this at any seat in the stadium right there at any time coming. Just fired up for what the possibilities are.”

He adds, “I think there’s a chance that’s coming up…there’s going to be another way to see these shows. And it’s going to be a way you cannot believe. I’m so excited about it.”

Brooks already has several stadium shows scheduled for 2020 including stops in Detroit, Charlotte and Cincinnati.