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Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman loves this time of year and shares her favorite holiday tradition with us.

She says, “We would go over to my grandmother’s house and have Christmas over there, and everybody would come home to Mama and Daddy’s house. We’d sit down and Mama hands out everybody a gift, and we act like we don’t what it is, but we do ’cause it’s always Christmas pajamas. So, everybody opens their Christmas pajamas and goes and puts ’em on, and we come back to the living room and we sit around Daddy and he reads The Christmas Story. And we tuck ourselves in until Santa comes.”

For her bandmate Karen Fairchild, the holidays involve lots of candy.

Karen offers, “Christmases at our house usually included making candy with my mother and my grandmother. We did everything from potato candy to chocolate dipped peanut butter and fudge. My mom’s fudge recipe is amazing.”

So what is potato candy? Fairchild explains, “It does use a potato, but it’s rolled and it has peanut butter inside.”