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Carrie Underwood has two boys: Isaiah, who is almost five and her baby Jacob who turns one in January.

Carrie told People recently that she actually wanted her kids to be closer in age. She said, “We initially in our lives kind of wanted our kids a little closer in age. That didn’t happen, because God has a different plan sometimes.”

Underwood did share a silver lining to the age difference, she said of big brother Isaiah, “Being almost 5 years old, he’s just so helpful, and he looks out for his little brother. And he’s good at [obliging] when you ask him to do something; he’s a very task-oriented child. So if you ask him to do something, he wants to feel helpful and he wants to do it and be a part of things.”

With Christmas so close, Isaiah’s focus has shifted a bit. Carrie shares, “I was telling him recently, ‘We need to sit down and write a letter to Santa,’ because then I feel like he needs to lock in what he wants Santa to bring him. So we’re going to have to do that.”

Underwood is on the cover of People this week.