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Maren Morris had an amazing 2019 and she knows it.

Maren expressed her gratitude for the wonderful year on New Year’s Eve (12/31) on Instagram. She wrote, “Goodbye, 2019. NYE is bittersweet. You’re supposed to reflect, get existential + mine through the lessons. I think it’s also okay to say ‘that sucked and I hope I don’t go through it again.'”

She added, “My overarching feeling is gratitude. I scared the hell out of myself this year. I put out GIRL, joined @thehighwomen , did my biggest international tour, did Playboy (clothed, prudes), sang with Dolly, lost a dear friend, found out I was pregnant + won Album of the Year at the CMA’s. Thank you to my husband, friends, family, team + my fans for such an unforgettable year. So, I guess, 2020, everything’s gonna be ok.”