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Thomas Rhett’s new single is a duet with Jon Pardi called “Beer Can’t Fix.”

Thomas explains, “On a sunny day in Los Angeles, we were just like, ‘Let’s name all these situations where, just maybe going out with your buddies and crackin’ a cold beer, maybe just takes your mind off of something for a second.’ Whether you just got broken up with, or you and your wife planned this perfect beach trip to Cancun and it rains every single day. What are you gonna do except go to the bar and be like, ‘Can I get a Corona, please?’ It’s just kind of the light-hearted way to say, just take life a little bit easier.”

Once the song was written, Rhett knew he wanted his good buddy Jon Pardi to sing on the song with him because they’d been looking for a song to record together. He says, “I’m such a gigantic fan of Jon,” and he jokes,”My wife likes Jon Pardi better than she likes me. And I was like, ‘Jon, I got this song called ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Beer Can’t Fix.’ I really want you to sing on it with me.’ And I sent him the song, and he goes, ‘When do I sing?’ And when Jon put his vocal on this thing, I was like, ‘Dude, let’s go!’

“Beer Can’t Fix” is his latest single off  Thomas’ Center Point Road album.