Country News

Little Big Town are getting ready to kick off their tour at the historic Carnegie Hall in New York City on Thursday (1/16).

Phillip Sweet says, “I think it’s incredible that we’re starting this tour at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and then two nights at the Apollo Theater and these places we’ve never played before. We’ve dreamed about playing them. I think it’s really just a beautiful way to set up this tour and just set the tone for what this album and what we’ve created is all about. I’m just so, so thrilled, I can’t even believe it’s gonna be happening.”

Karen Fairchild says their show at Carnegie Hall will be different from the rest of their Nightfall Tour. “Carnegie Hall will be different than any other night, because we’re gonna sing the record top to bottom in sequence, and because Carnegie Hall is so, well, there’s only one, and it’ll have a little bit different of a production feeling than the rest of the tour. So, I know a lot of fans are trying to make it to Carnegie ‘cause that’s a one-night only deal, and then The Apollo starts off the normal production of shows.”

Every show excluding Carnegie Hall will feature critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith opening.

The band will release their new album, also titled Nightfall, on Friday (1/17).