Country News

Dustin Lynch releases his album Tullahoma today (1/17). The album is named after his Tennessee hometown.

He told us, “The town that I grew up in makes me who I am. After we got done putting all these songs together I realized, these are all songs about me and what I’ve lived. How could I make this record a tip of the hat? How can I title this record as a tip of the hat to my town? I tried and tried and worked with a bunch of different ideas of how to say home without saying ‘Tullahoma’ because I was scared no one would know how to pronounce it.”

He continued, “And finally, I just gave up. I’m like, no, it’s still home. It fills me. My team agreed. It just feels classic. You know, there’s something something classic country feeling about when you see the word Tullahoma on an album. And this album is one that we set out from day one to do one thing, and that was record an album, write an album, record an album that the small-town boy, whatever character that is, would love. Every song we sing, every lyric would be proud to sing every lyric. Would he say it? Would he say that in conversation? What he turned the song off and tried to impress this girl.”

Lynch concluded, “We ended up with this batch of songs this thing, this color, this filter, this vibe of that, that is the Tullahoma album.”

Dustin posted to Instagram last night, “I’m me because of the town I grew up in. It’s made me who I am. It’s made me the way I am. The town, the people, my friends, my family. It’s why I believe in what I believe in, they’re why I love what I love. I think that’s why I’m singing what I’m singing. That’s Tullahoma.”