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Miranda Lambert is kicking off her “Wild Card Tour” this weekend in Tupelo Mississippi. The tour is in support of her new album of the same name.

Miranda told us that when she puts out new music she has one stiff competitor, “I feel like I have to compete with myself. But also there’s a freedom in having some success. Like, I feel like after ‘Platinum’ (the album), I did have some pretty good success with that record. And and then my life took a turn. So I feel like artistically I could take a turn because, number one, it’s what I needed to do. Number two, I really am a songwriter at heart, and I moved to Nashville during a time of making my way. I was around the writers more than I ever had been.”

She continued, “I don’t look at it as competing with myself as much as just making sure that I’m being authentic to who I am at the time. I mean who I am as a person and as an artist. It’s pretty steady, but reinventing artistically and all the things we try to do. I just want to be reflect what I’m actually living in my life because I think that’s the foundation I started my career with. And so I have an obligation to keep that going.”