Country News

Kenny Chesney has been working on a new album over the last 18 months in Nashville, Key West, Malibu and during his tour.

Kenny says, “Rather than just churn out a record, because it was time, I wanted to give myself the opportunity to just get inside the music. I’m always looking and listening, and this time getting to record in the moment over the course of many, many months was incredible.”

He adds, “One of the hardest things about being this far into a career isn’t keeping up with what other people are doing, but telling your own truth in a way that’s not repeating yourself, that’s not just doing what you know works. I know there are certain things I respond to: songs that rock you hard, lyrics that twist without being too clever, ballads that open up your soul and make you think. The best part about songwriting and getting in the studio is that music always surprises you – if you stay open, keep listening and let it show you where it wants to go. I think we’re dialing in a pretty cool record.”

There’s no details on the album yet, but Chesney says, “I’m ready to get the next wave of my life on in full. I can’t wait for people to hear some of these songs – and see them everywhere across the No Shoes Nation.”