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Miranda Lambert chatted with ahead of Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Lambert is nominated for Best Country Song for “It All Comes Out In The Wash” and for her Pistol Annies album Interstate Gospel.

Miranda tells when asked about shifting her sound to a pop direction, “I’m open to new things. The way we put music down is all changing so quickly—literally day to day, it can change—and I’m not trying to be too old school. I mean, I’m old-school romantic about putting out country records; that’s just what I do. But I know I want to stay in the game and go with whatever the changes are, so I’m trying to be flexible.”

Lambert adds that she’s been listening to all kinds of music in the last year, “I got into a listening party with myself. I got on a Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones kick and Bob Seger really hard last year. Not that I didn’t know those artists before, I just hear them differently for some reason. When you get older, you hear different things coming through.”

She continues, “I’m always trying to reinvent myself and find a new sound, but there’s always such a common thread in my music. I think my life actually caught up with my writing. As a young writer, I didn’t have a lot of life to write about, but I worked with other people.”

The Grammy Awards will air live n CBS on Sunday (1/26).