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It’s the end of January… have YOU stuck to your new year resolutions?? Or have they gone by the wayside?

Can I take a moment and tell you how much I despise the word “resolution”?! There is way too much pressure on that word. If you don’t stick to your resolutions, there is a huge weight of failure on your shoulders. So this year I am setting new year intentions. For me, it promotes positivity and takes away a lot of the stress!

With that being said, 2020 is here, and more than ever I can’t wait to hit the ground running! My intention for this year? SELF-CARE! Let me say it again for those in the back… SELF-CARE!!!

You may have heard the words self-care a lot lately. But for me it’s personal. If you’ve followed my story for the last 2 years, you know it’s been a struggle. When I first joined the Morning Show with Don, my husband had just deployed. It was a 9 month deployment and I gladly leaned on you for support. I shared the ups and the (many) downs of deployment. It was a major growing time for me. I managed to fix things around my house that I never thought I could. I took care of our dogs, worked full time, bought groceries, kept up the house, the cars, the bills, etc. all while spending every night alone and missing my significant other. However, upon his return from deployment, he informed me he wanted a divorce. I later learned there was another woman involved. It was a rug pulled out from underneath me. Everything familiar was dissolving away… and I had to somehow manage a smile and offer you a Morning Show that would brighten your day.

Since then I’ve moved twice, with a third move shortly around the corner. I’ve cried. I’ve been lonely. I’ve missed my family. But I’ve also made great friendships. I’ve learned I’m stronger and more capable than I thought. And I have strived to work even harder! Which is why the year 2020 is for ME! It’s time to work on growing and stretching even more. It’s my time to be selfish… except focusing on yourself doesn’t have to be selfish. In fact, it’s necessary! How can I be my best for you when I can’t be my best for myself??

This year I want to take you on my journey even further. And I hope you’ll join in with me and give yourself some self-care as well! I want to focus not only on the outside but on the inside. Throughout the year we can walk together in fitness, wellness, meditation, travel, entertainment and more! We can share the all-encompassing goal of being better versions of ourselves so that we can be better for those around us.

You’ve helped to give me a gift that I never take for granted. We cry together, laugh together, and always build each other up. Let’s continue to grow even closer in 2020!



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