LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Welcome to February! We’ve finally made it to month two of 2020. And the bright, shiny magic of the new year is slowly starting to fade away… This is really the best time of year to dig our heels in and stay motivated! I want to help keep you determined with your goals! And I certainly hope that includes your very own self-care. So let’s take the month of February and turn inward to self-love!

We have so much to look forward to in February. For the love birds out there, I’ll be sharing some cool date night ideas all throughout the month (because Valentine’s Day should be celebrated all the time, right?!). And for the single pringles, I’ve got you covered as well! February is a great month to share the love! Whether it’s getting cozy on the couch and watching a Rom-Com, or listening to some of the best love ballads around… there are plenty of ways to spread love.

It’s important to remember that self love is not selfish. I feel like now more than ever, cultivating feelings of confidence, security, courage, boldness, and love is a way for us to validate our self-worth. It is called self-worth and self-love for a reason! Claim it and take hold of it so that no one else can tear you down! YOU are valuable. YOU matter. YOU are the only you that exists. Let’s practice self-love so that we can properly love those around us!