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Lady Antebellum’s brand new single “What I’m Leaving For” is a song that all three group members can relate to. The song expands on the universal message of making sacrifices for the people you love for people who support their families while being apart.

Hillary Scott says, “This song really describes exactly where we’re at in our lives and the give and take to try to find a personal balance with career and family. Whether you are in the military, returning from maternity leave or just experiencing those tender-hearted ‘goodbyes’ we hope it resonates and evokes a piece of comfort in the example we set for our children.”

Scott says it’s hard for her to leave her girls while she travels on the road. She offers, “I want my daughters to know that it’s important to chase your calling and what you feel like you then put on this earth to do and that sometimes means that you don’t get to be with them every single day. But that’s what’s best for the situation and for them right now. And so one day they’ll be able to travel with me all the time.”