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Maren Morris is a first time expectant mother with her baby due in the spring. She shared with us what she craves the most.

Maren told us, “One thing I can’t live without food-wise since being pregnant is Talenti gelato. That’s been a non-negotiable, before bed I have to have ice cream. It’s like a more amplified sweet tooth than I ever had. Salted Caramel Truffle is the flavor, and careful with it because you’ll want to buy like 12 pints.”

She added, “One food thing that’s been tough to enjoy that I’ve kind of stayed away from during pregnancy has been any sort of seafood. I used to love like salmon and any sort of like fish dish, and recently I just can’t smell it without like getting sick.”

Morris recently posted a picture of herself to Instagram as a little girl, she wrote, “The original @skims.”

The original @skims ✨

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