Country News

Kenny Chesney has a brand new single coming to radio on February 21st called “Here And Now.”

Kenny said via press release, “This song kind of blew my mind. The chorus is everything I feel about my time on stage with No Shoes Nation…the rush of it absolutely being the best place, best moment in the entire world. There’s no rush like it.”

He adds, “But what really got me was the way the song puts everybody on notice. It says everything about how we all put off living our lives because there’s so much other stuff to do. Only thing is, that’s exactly how you miss everything that matters! It’s not the big stuff that gets you laughing or breaks the bad momentum, it’s what’s right here if you’ll bother to dial in and really feel it.”

Kenny posted about his new music on Instagram saying, “@noshoesnation, you’re the most passionate people I’ve ever seen. When I started listening to songs for this album I was thinking about all the stories you tell me about what the songs mean to you and how they’ve been part of your lives. It makes me want to write and record songs that measure up to that. We have songs on there with the most rocking guitars and massive drums, but there’s also a song with just @macmcanally, #JohnHobbs and me. A lot of them got written after people went home for the night, because they were inspired, which is how Nashville was when I first got there. I’m excited to get this album in your hands.”