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Luke Combs has been living in his new house for a little over a year with his fiancé Nicole and he says that he doesn’t want to dedicate too much wall space to gold records and the like. He told us, “I always wanted our house to be about me and my fiance, about our life together, not about my career.”

However, when Luke won a couple of the coveted CMA Awards in November (one for Song of the Year and the other for Male Vocalist), he knew just the place to put them. Combs said, “I have a room in my house where I write songs. My writing room. I haven’t written too many songs there yet. So that would be where I would put him in that writing room.”

He adds, “So when I’m in there, if I’m tired or I don’t have an idea, I can I can look up at these, and go, ‘Hey, we’ve been there. We’ve achieved some really great things and we can do it again if we really put our minds to it.'”