Country News

Luke Combs has a new single called “Does To Me” that features one of his musical heroes Eric Church. As Luke says, the song is about being happy and proud of the small things in life. He told us, “The song is a lot of really run-of-the-mill things that aren’t really exciting to anybody other than yourself, and things that I guess the world doesn’t think of as like really awesome achievements. But they’re still things that you should be proud of and things that you should be able to say with confidence and say, ‘Hey, I did that. Maybe it’s not winning the gold medal at the Olympics, but I’m proud of it. I’m proud that I did that, and it might not mean anything to anybody else but it means something to me.'”

Combs adds, “And I think Eric Church was an obvious choice when it came to finding somebody to do that song with. Not only does I feel like it fits his writing style, but also his mentality, his approach to music, I think it was just a really good fit.”