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Sam Hunt has revealed the track listing for his upcoming Southside album out April 3.

The project will consist of 12 songs, beginning with one called “2016” and ending with “Drinkin’ Too Much.” Other tracks will include the previously-released “Sinning With You,” “Downtown’s Dead,” “Hard to Forget” and his most recent hit single, “Kinfolks.”

Southside will be released on April 3.

Sam Hunt’s Southside Track Listing:

1. “2016”
2. “Hard to Forget”
3. “Kinfolks”
4. “Young Once”
5. “Body Like a Backroad”
6. “That Ain’t Beautiful”
7. “Let It Down”
8. “Downtown’s Dead”
9. “Nothing Lasts Forever”
10. “Sinning With You”
11. “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s”
12. “Drinkin’ Too Much”

Meanwhile, Sam returns to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Thursday (2/13) to play his latest single “Kinfolks.”