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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and Carly Pearce is releasing his sophomore self-titled album.

She told us, “There’s a common thread of who I am and what has happened to me, and that vulnerability taken to another level.”

Just as Carly has allowed her fans into her life through her social media, this album is all about letting them in through her music. “I feel like you see me on stage and you see me on social media but you don’t really know what’s been going on with me. And I feel like when I hand this record to somebody or they get to hear it for the first time, here you go. It is raw and real and honestly, some of it is, I think, more raw and real than anything I’ve put out, ever.”

Pearce, who just married Michael Ray this past October, will get to celebrate the release of her new album with her husband since they are playing a show together in St. Louis, Missouri, on Valentine’s night, and she says, “Typically I’m not excited about Valentine’s Day; I really don’t care. It feels like just a day. But this particular Valentine’s Day is the first one that I’m married, it’s this album that means so much to me, and getting to play a show with Michael. It’s gonna be a really, really special night and I think one of my favorite nights ever.”

She adds of the self-titled project, “I feel like so much has happened in my life, both professionally and personally through this process of making this record, that I felt falling in love and going through the experiences that I’ve gone through and seeing how country music fans have opened their arms to me, I wanted to show that that has given me the confidence, more than ever, to be exactly who I am. And I feel like this is a reflection and a body of work of that confident woman for the first time. And so I really just wanted it to stand alone with my name.”