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Carly Pearce co-wrote her latest single, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” based on her own personal experience of having to break off a long-term relationship when she realized she had fallen out of love with that person.

Pearce started writing the song with Luke Combs and Jonathan Singleton. After their session together, Singleton got together with veteran songwriter Randy Montana to help finish the song, and Pearce says, “When I found out that Randy Montana was a part of finishing the song I kind of freaked out a little bit because it took it too personal. He’s friends with this person and that scared me slightly.”

Ultimately, she made peace with one of her ex’s friends helping to write her song about him. “I think as a songwriter and as an artist you’re taking the chance that the person that you are writing songs about, if you’re gonna go this deep with it, they’re gonna hear them. And I decided to kind of put caution to the wind and have no boundaries and really just write it the way that it happened.”

While Carly is now married to Michael Ray, and she’s no longer in contact with her ex, she says, “I’m sure that he’s probably heard [the song] but I hope that it brought him some sort of closure, because he never heard from me in a way that I feel like maybe this song has given him. I do wish him well and hope that he is happy now.”

“I Hope You’re Happy Now,” which also features Lee Brice, is featured on her self-titled album, which was released on Friday (2/14).