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Maren Morris is expecting her first baby next month, and she has been getting a lot of baby advice from friends and family. So what advice does she have for first time expectant mothers?

Maren told us, “Now that I’m kind of at the tail end of my pregnancy- I mean it’s tough to even impart wisdom on something that you are like still in the middle of, but I would say for expecting mothers out there that I wish maybe somebody had told me is that you don’t need to rush into anything.”

She continued, “You don’t need to do any of the stereotypical things baby books tell you to do. It’s your journey, it’s no one else’s. Set boundaries for yourself and your families and people around you that like to give unsolicited advice. I think like you know yourself better than anyone, and you can absolutely take advice and ask for it, but I think protecting yourself and your baby is the most important thing. So don’t be afraid to set boundaries for your own sanity.”