Country News

Following the Amazon Music mini-documentary, titled “Velocity,” released earlier this month, Kane Brown talked to us about his sold out Staples Center show.

Kane said, “It was very surreal at Staples Center to be one of the eleven country artists to sell Staples Center out. It was amazing. Being out on the stage, I remember the first song I just took it all in afterwards just looking around and seeing everybody there.”

He added, “I just want to say thanks to the fans for coming out. I love you guys. And, Staples Center thank you for allowing me to do y’alls birthday. I appreciate that.”

Brown said of the mini documentary, “I’m incredibly proud of the family I’ve been able to build along the way, including not only my wife and daughter but the family I have out on the road that works so hard behind-the-scenes to make it all happen. This Amazon Music mini-documentary gives fans a new glimpse into my world, including some of the incredibly hard moments that have led up to this point. I appreciate everyone and all the fans who have been there since day one and hope anyone that watches takes away one thing. That this is a family. And we want to do you all proud.”