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Thomas Rhett likes to give his fans a good time, but he also hopes that he serves a higher purpose. “I do think I was out here to entertain people and allow people to have a good time on a Friday or Saturday night, but I think the most important reason that I was put here is to use what I have been given for good.”

Rhett says he has always looked up to former NFL star, Tim Tebow, because he says, “Growing up, Tim Tebow was always such an inspiration to me because being in any sort of professional celebrity atmosphere it’s really hard to maintain level-headedness. I would assume more so being in the NFL, and so someone like him who always turned anything good into something great, I’ve just always wanted to try to do that.”

Thomas and his wife Lauren, guided by their faith, have always used their platform for good. He says, “For us, lately, it’s been really advertising 147 Million Orphans and how important it is to adopt children around the world. Or just even small things like, ‘Hey, I picked this devotional book up today and it really helped me out, you should go get it. I just think it’s always good to use your platform for good rather than bad.”