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When Carrie Underwood was interviewed at CRS last month she talked about keeping her two young sons humble; that’s how she says she grew up.

She spoke about her parents, saying, “To watch them just go from humble beginnings and work really hard, and give us everything we ever needed, we saw that. We saw that example, and I want to build off that. I want to teach that to our children, which is I think going to be a bigger challenge than either me, or my husband, ever thought about, because we just live in a fantasy land, right?”

Carrie and her husband try not to spoil their boys, but they aren’t the ones doing all the buying. Underwood says, “Everywhere we go, other people give my kid things and we don’t mind the toys. They obviously have toys. But we’ll go into their little play area, and I’m like, ‘I didn’t buy any of this.'”

She added, “We had that foundation, and that was really important. And Mike’s the same way, and we talk about it a lot, how it’s just important for a child to know that home is home.”