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Thomas Rhett’s career has been on fire in the last couple of years and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by his own four-year-old daughter, Willa Gray.

Rhett tries to share as much of the successes of his career with his family as he can, and he recalled not long ago, “We were playing some shows and I had just got done doing soundcheck, and Willa gets out of the car and she’s like, ‘Daddy, I’m so proud of you.’”

Hearing those six little words from his four-year-old stopped Rhett in his tracks. He says, “I was just like, first of all, how do you know how to say that? Second of all, it just melted me. And so, it’s been really awesome to share some of these moments with my kids, the way that I got to share some of these moments with my dad as well. It kind of feels like it’s coming full circle in a way.”

His latest single, “Beer Can’t Fix,” is about to move into the top ten on the charts this week, which means Thomas will soon have another accomplishment to share with his family, including the newest addition, his five-week-old daughter, Lennon Love.