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Zac Brown took to Instagram in a tearful post to say that he had a “hard” day where he had to lay off 90 % of his crew and “road family” because of the coronavirus.

Zac said, “I got this message that I want to say to the people that are not taking this seriously and the people who are out partying and the people who are sitting out on beaches and the people who don’t care if they get this virus and the people that bring it home to their grandparents… The longer that people don’t take this seriously the longer people are out of jobs.”

He added, “You need to wake up and try to socially distance yourself and stay inside.”

Brown also said in part, “We’re late to the game, I’m ashamed at the way our government had handled all this. We can’t rely on our government to tell the people what we need to do.”

He concluded with “I love to spread music and spread song and share music with the world and I’m gonna do my best to do that from closed doors, but if we’re gonna heal from this and get back to before the way it was before this hit then everyone’s gotta take this seriously.”

Instagram post by Zac Brown * Mar 19, 2020 at 2:19am UTC

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