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While Build-A-Bear finally put its long anticipated Baby Yoda plush on pre-order sale today, they sold out of the adorable little green guy pretty quickly. But if you weren’t lucky enough to grab that one, turns out Disney rolled out a version of their own as well.

“The Child” (as Baby Yoda is really known as) from the hit Disney+ show “The Mandalorian” was a viral hit in late 2019, spawning some of the best memes ever (so much so that we put together this amazing list of the top 50). And Disney didn’t seem to be quite ready for how big a hit the little guy was, as they didn’t have any merchandise out for the crucial Christmas season.

But they did announce that Build-A-Bear would be launching the first official Baby Yoda plush doll, eventually. That day finally came today. But he sold out in minutes on there. In our hunting for options, we happened to discover that Disney went ahead and rolled out a pre-order for their own (and in our opinion way cuter) version today too. He’s $24.99 and expected to ship in June.


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