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Thomas Rhett has been playing a lot of newly-written songs on social media. Some of the new songs Thomas has been sharing online include “More Time Fishin’,”  “What’s Your Country Song,” and “Ya Heard.”

Rhett admits, “I think as an artist you’re always writing and you’re always creating and when you finish a record there are always those moments in your mind where you go, ‘Okay, did we cut the right songs? Well, what about these four or five that we wrote two years ago that we kind of forgot about? Should we go in and cut these?’”

He added, “I think if it were up to me, albums probably would never come out, because I think you’re always second-guessing and you’re always going, ‘Well, could we have done that? Should I have sang this line a little bit different?’ But at some point, you kind of have to just know and trust the people that you’re around to go, ‘Man, this is a great album and these are the best 15 songs that you could have possibly put on this record.’ And then you have to walk away from it and feel proud about it.”

Rhett’s latest release is “Be A Light,” a song inspired by the current pandemic.

Be A Light (Lyric Video)

Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Be A Light (Lyric Video). © 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC