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Luke Combs and his fiancé Nicole Hocking are sticking to their plan to get married this year, despite the pandemic.

Luke told ET Canada in an interview via video from his Nashville home, “Things are still on track as of right now. That’s all I know as far as that stuff goes, we’re still planning on doing it, we’re still picking out napkins and stuff like that, so all that stuff is all systems go as of right now.”

When asked what his part in the planning is, he said, “I’m like the booze guy for sure. Probably gonna dabble in some playlists, I am sure that will probably happen. I’m just the good time engineer on this thing. That’s the official title I would give myself.”

While he did not reveal a date for wedding, the couple have been planning for a 2020 ceremony. He did say that it may be fairly casual noting, “Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t formal seating, who knows. There’s no way to know. Maybe it’s a come as you are kind of thing.”

Nicole recently shared a family picture on Instagram.

lil fam ????

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