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Keith Urban talked to ET recently and shared how he and his wife Nicole Kidman and daughters have been doing during the quarantine.

Keith told ET, “Someone the other day called me and they said, ‘How are you doing?’ and I’m like, ‘Could we start with an easier question?’ That used to be just an innocuous greeting and now it’s got so much gravitas,” he then added, “We’re all good, the family’s good. Everyone’s healthy and staying active.”

Urban said that he and his family have been staying creative during all this downtime, noting, “I guess no matter what you do or where you are, somehow we’ve got to keep staying as creative as we possibly can — so a guy like me doesn’t go crazy.”

He did say he was loving the family time, “[We’ve had] lots and lots of family time, and I’ve actually been really enjoying that, honestly. We are just being creative as a family with how we use our time and help other people in any way we can do, even if it is something like an at-home concert. It’s our little bit to try and help out.”

Urban has also been putting a new album together. He said, “Luckily I had a lot of songs recorded, so I could just keep moving on with that in my studio downstairs, doing some vocals, guitar, stuff like that.” And as for having Kidman by his side when he works? “It’s great having her here too, because it just feels loose,”