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Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, have three little girls, Willa, Ada and Lennon, and when it comes to their parenting styles.

As Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday (5/10), Thomas says, “She’s definitely calmer than I am. Like, I kind of get anxious a lot with our kids, like, ‘Is this okay that they’re doing this?’ And Lauren’s just like, ‘Honey, she is two. She is fine.’”

Rhett adds that the reason he tends to be more anxious because “I think that’s just kind of like the perfectionist in me just wantin’ to make sure I’m doing everything right. But yeah (Lauren)’s a very good, laidback mother.”

Lauren recently posted a cute video of his new baby girl Lennon, writing, “smiley little Lennon.”

smiley little Lennon ????

Lauren Akins shared a video on Instagram: "smiley little Lennon ????" * See 1,565 photos and videos on their profile.