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Concert day secret word: Momma

Tim McGraw released his brand new track “I Called Mama” just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday (5/10).

Tim told us, “When it was sent to me I fell in love with it right away, certainly because of what it says on a personal level about specifically about calling your mom and everything that it said. It made a lot of sense to me.”

He added, “But then when all the upheaval in the world came along, it really started making more and more sense that this song really meant a different thing. In a lot of ways, it carried weight along with it as you listened to it and you think about the personal level. But perhaps something is sort of existential in a way. That speaks to things that are going on outside of what this song is saying, and to have a personal song is something that’s big. When you look at it from a different perspective, when the world changed it, it was hard to ignore.”

The video for the song will premiere today (5/8) at 12:30 ET.

The song marks McGraw’s first new music since returning to Big Machine Records earlier this year.