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While Garth Brooks was hosting his weekly Facebook live segment “Studio G,” a fan named “Jack” asked him when his album FUN! will be released and Garth had quite a surprise for him and all of the fans.

He said, “Jack – tell you what we’re going to do. We’ll get Amazon Music on the phone. Let’s release half the album on Amazon Music…tonight. Can we do that?”

Garth admits that he’s been struggling with his desire to share new music at a time when so much else is going on. He said, “We’ve had this discussion. I don’t want to be the guy that tries to do something in the midst where everybody is hurtin’. It’s like…damn it. The album’s ready to go. It’s just how do you get out and promote and be happy and jolly while everybody’s out there fighting for their lives not only physically, but fighting for their lives financially.”

There’s more to come as all of this comes together. There’s also more to come from Brooks this week – tomorrow (5/13), he and wife Trisha Yearwood will be among the many faces taking part in “The Fight,” a live online event being staged by Notre Dame to support the university’s Student Emergency Relief Fund to help students with financial aid and to raise awareness of COVID-19 research at Notre Dame.

As of right now (5/12), you can stream three songs from Garth’s FUN! album on Amazon music “Dive Bar,” “Stronger Than Me” and “All Day Long.”

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