NASHVILLE, TN - MAY 03: Singers/Songwriters Amanda Shires, John Prine and Jason Isbell perform during Love Letters: Thistle Farms Turns 20 at the Ryman Auditorium on May 3, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for The Green Room)

“St. Peter’s Autograph” by Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit from the 2020 album Reunions

What do I do to make you smile
You’ve been hurting for a while
What can I do to make you laugh
Get St. Peter’s autograph

What’s that distance in your eyes
Has your faith been compromised
What can I do to help you sleep
I’ll work hard and work for cheap

Sometimes it’s nothing
But the way you’re wired
And that’s not your fault
We’re all struggling
With the world on fire
And the fear we’re taught

Now you’ve lost another friend
Who couldn’t stay to see the end
He had somewhere else to be
Cut him down and burn the tree

Now there’s no shelter from the rain
I can’t comprehend your pain
But I’ve got arms and I’ve got ears
And I will always be right here

Sometimes its nothing
But the way you’re raised
And that could’ve been worse
I see you suffering
Through the best of days
Still you put me first

What do I do to let you know
I’m not haunted by his ghost
Let him dance around our room
Let him smell like your perfume

Share your best ‘remember when’
And if he comes through here again
Maybe he could make you laugh
Bring St. Peter’s autograph

Reunions Track List

  1. What’ve I Done to Help
  2. Dreamsicle
  3. Only Children
  4. Overseas
  5. Running With Our Eyes Closed
  6. River
  7. Be Afraid
  8. St. Peter’s Autograph
  9. It Gets Easier
  10. Letting You Go

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