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Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn posted a touching tribute to the couple’s daughter Kingsley last night (5/20) while the little baby slept beside her mom.

Posted along with a nighttime photo that Kane took of his wife and baby, Katelyn wrote, “I am posting this picture in this exact moment. I needed to document this special moment. Her first tooth broke through the other day and she has been a little more needy and fussy the last two days. Usually she goes down in her crib easily for naps and sleeps the whole time but today she just needed some extra love and even though I’m exhausted there is no better feeling.”

She continued, “She wouldn’t stop crying so I went and got her and brought her in our bed and put on the most beautiful piano lullaby’s. I’ve been watching her smile in her sleep and been listening to her breathe for over an hour. She has the softest baby snores. I am just so grateful for her. Sometimes I tear up just looking at her . She has made me a better person, taught me patience and the strongest love I could ever imagine. These are the moments I will cherish forever . Hopefully she’ll still want to lay in bed and watch movies with me when she’s a teenager … Xoxo.”