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A week ago, Garth Brooks spontaneously decided to make seven songs – half the tracks recorded for FUN! – available in response to a Facebook friend’s question about whether or not the album’s highly-anticipated release would be impacted by current events.

That meant that, in addition to “Dive Bar” (with Blake Shelton), “Stronger Than Me” and “All Day Long” and “The Road I’m On” and “Courage of Love,” he released “Party Gras (The Mardi Gras Song)” and “That’s What Cowboys Do.”

Garth said on Facebook Live, “We’ve got some people saying something sounds very George Strait kinda influenced.” While he admitted such praise was “very, very sweet…” he noted, “I can’t carry George Strait’s shoelaces.”

Brooks added, “I ain’t tryin’ to be him. But at the same time, when you listen to ‘That’s What Cowboys Do,’ I don’t know how you can miss that.”