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Zac Brown tellsĀ People that he has been enjoying parts of the quarantine: namely, spending time with his five children. He even got to celebrate his six year-old son’s birthday in early May.

Brown said, “We set up our whole property like [the video game] Fortnite and had a party, military crawls, obstacle courses … we had an awesome time.”

Brown and his ex-wife Shelly, who was on hand for the party, are also parents to Justice, 13, Lucy, 12, Georgia, 10 and Joni, 9.

Brown said of his time away from the road “I’ve been grinding for 22 years without taking a break. I put my kids first always, and I put them first when I’m making my schedule, but it’s kind of erratic. So to be home and just be really super present and consistent with my kids has been great for them and it’s been great for me.”

In between writing music in his at-home studio, Brown’s days with the kids on his property outside Atlanta have been filled with playing games, scavenger hunts, riding his Land Cruiser and “tromps through the woods.”

He says of co-parenting with Shelly, from whom he split in 2018 after 12 years of marriage, “I couldn’t have a more amazing mom for them. They’re our first priority and they’ve got steadiness and love from both sides. Our kids are a product of all the love and time we give them.”

Brown’s new solo, The Controversy, comes out tomorrow (5/29).