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NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 14: Honorees Charlie Daniels and Charley Pride attend the 2017 NATD Honors Gala at Hermitage Hotel on November 14, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for NATD)

I have to confess that you hardly ever catch me going back in time, but recently I did. My thoughts are, if you look back too long, you may miss out on what’s ahead. My co-workers often chuckle when they hear me say, “moving forward 2020.”

I found myself wondering if you, the graduating class of 2020 were able to have a graduation commencement speaker and if so, what advice will you take with you as you move toward your bright future?

Another question. Graduates, if you could choose your commencement speaker, who would it be? Would it be your favorite Country singer, celebrity, politician, pastor or family member? Who gets the call and why?

As a young man, I remember singer Charlie Daniels visiting my hometown of Bladenboro. For those that knew Charlie then and now, Charlie has, as we say down South, “no problem telling it like it is.” Yes, if I could choose my commencement speaker, it would be Charlie. In my mind, I can see the Bladen Community College auditorium filled with approximately 90 Seniors along with a few hundred family members and friends in attendance. The lights go down, the program begins and out walks the one and only Charlie Daniels. The BCC crowd goes wild. Charlie steps to the microphone wearing his signature hat, long sleeved flannel shirt, chewing gum and in his left hand, his famous fiddle. Now, please, don’t take bets on what Charlie might say. I can guarantee that we will hear exactly what we “need” to hear not what we “want” to hear. Years later, graduates would look back with pride at that moment in time.

So, who would you choose to your commencement speaker and why?  Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020. Don Chase and The Beasley Media Group are so very proud of you!

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