WKML Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

Jordan Davis played so many hits during his Mini Concert we just couldn’t pick our favorite! Find out the story behind some of those songs and what he’s been up to at home with his new baby.

Jordan has been home with his wife and baby Eloise, “Been doing a lot of home projects, been trying to write some songs, and been trying to not be bored out of my mind, to be honest with you.


Take It From Me  was Jordan’s second single and second number one, “This song started from a t-shirt that got stolen from me in college.” (LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE)


Slow Dance In A Parking Lot  is one of Jordan’s favorite songs off of his album Home State. “Wrote this song with a dear friend of mine from Pennsylvania that pretty much chronicled his first date with his wife.” (LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE)


Jordan and his crew can’t wait to get back to touring, but they have been working on some new music in the meantime. “We are very ready to come out and see you guys in person, the second we get a chance to come out and start touring; we are ready.

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