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Rascal Flatts announced earlier this year that they would be doing a farewell tour and the guys would part ways at the end of the year, but COVID-19 interrupted everything and the trio had to cancel their farewell tour.

The guys still plan to be done at the end of this year, but are releasing some new music on July 31st with an EP titled How They Remember You.

Joe Don Rooney says, “Going into this year we were gearing up for an emotional year, for sure, and every show was gonna matter just so much more with each one we did. And, wow, just to have your legs cut completely out from under you with all your plans, this has definitely changed all those emotions and all those feelings we thought we’d be feeling.”

Not only was 2020 going to mark the end of an era for Rascal Flatts, but it was also going to be a celebration of their 20th anniversary together as a band. Rooney explains, “And so, we had so much that we were looking forward to with this whole year, and this has just completely wiped all that out.”

So when people ask how they’re feeling and what’s going to happen with Rascal Flatts now, Joe Don says, “It’s almost like a clean slate of emotions going, ‘Well, when, if ever again, can we maybe take what this year was gonna be and apply it to the year ahead, whenever that might be. We just don’t know. We’re completely clueless for what that might be. So the emotions I think have changed a little bit maybe, because now we’re just looking to see what we might be able to do.”

While the tour and everything else Rascal Flatts had planned for this year have been erased, he says, “The one thing remains true, is that we’re still able to make music and put music out and that’s got us on a pretty good high right now.”