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Maddie & Tae released new music in 2020 and like everyone else has had to stay in and do their promoting from their couches.

It’s been frustrating to not be on the road playing their new music for fans during the pandemic, but as Maddie Marlow told us, the quarantine hasn’t been all bad.

Maddie says, “It (quarantine) really is a gift. I think. Everyone you’ll find is is missing things that they weren’t took for granted or now they’re soaking up time with their loved onesĀ or they’re just really digging deep into themselves. I think everyone is really has an opportunity here to change for the better or not change at all.”

She continues, “Whatever your prerogative is. We all have time. And I think something what’s so unique is we are all feeling the same way. I mean, we’re all frustrated. We’re all confused. Day by day we just try to keep a positive perspective. But to choose to look at it as a gift. I think it’s the best thing you can do, you know?”

The duo have stayed busy and just released a new episode on their online doc-series. They spited to Instagram, “After ruffling a few feathers with #GirlInACountrySong, we all decided #Fly was the best song to cut next. Watch episode 4 of our #Reframed documentary now!”